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Angelmeats is the online toolshed of Matthew Pasteris, better known to the physical and online entertainment worlds as Matt Black. This moniker is his snakeskin jacket; a symbol of his individuality and belief in personal freedom. Regardless of which splice you favor, Matt is ever the industrious little monkey, specializing in many forms of creative output.


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Militia Bubblegum

Militia Bubblegum

Meet Millicent "Militia" Bubblegum, courier for Bubblegum Innovations, Incorporated. Follow the adventures of a brash, overconfident, pink-haired flurry of a girl as she rampages across the iron sprawl of Industropolis in the year 3142.

MILITIA BUBBLEGUM™ is intended to be published as a long format, black & white, manga digest graphic novel. It will be available from Amazon as well as your favorite retail booksellers. In the meantime, I've decided to serialize our heroine's adventures on the Tapastic web comic publishing platform. Check it out!


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Mojo Mechanics

Mojo Mechanics

MOJO MECHANICS™ first appeared in print in 1999. The series was a critical success and a financial disaster. The book garnered kind words from industry notables such as Will Eisner and Jhonen Vasquez, amongst others. The film and animation rights were optioned by Platinum Studios (Men In Black, Cowboys & Aliens) not long after the series debut.

Sample pages can be found on Webcomicsnation.


Kid Vicious

Kid Vicious

Ah, little Timmy Smithers. An average eight-year-old boy who also happens to be a living magnet for all things supernatural, extraterrestrial and otherwise bizarre. That kid is going to grow up to be one piece of work.

Timmy Smithers, AKA KID VICIOUS, first appeared in the pages of MOJO MECHANICS #2 in a backup story about the local neighborhood Monsta Mart. He returned for his second outing in MOJO MECHANICS #3 and eventually found his way into the proper Mojoverse in MOJO MECHANICS #5, wherein the poor lad is abducted by aliens and encounters our intrepid space mechanics at an interstellar pit-stop diner. He continues as a supporting cast member in the 3-part Mojo arc, "War & Peanuts", which is as yet unavailable.

KID VICIOUS #1 represents our effort to create a solo spinoff title with this beloved character.

Read the Kid Vicious Christmas special, "Feliz Navidamned", on Webcomicsnation.

Beelza Bob

Beelza Bob

BEELZA BOB™ was a one-shot, full-color comic published by Comics Conspiracy. It is to date my only full-color entry in the comics industry. Written by Comics Conspiracy's then-proprietor, Doug Meirs, it is a farcical take on religion and moreover, the state of modern society. It was a fun gig. This book represents one of the few projects I did for a third party publisher.

Sample pages can be found...well, nowhere, unfortuneately. Perhaps someday I'll put some up here.

White Noise

White Noise ran on the dark pop culture site, opi8.com, during the early-to-mid 2000's. All stories were written by Adam White and illustrated by a variety of artists, including one mister Matt Black (who was a regular contributor).

The old opi8 site has been in a general state of disrepair for the past five years or so. It's almost as if someone began dismantling it, only to think better of it halfway through. SO, in lieu of that, I've decided to archive my collaborations with Mr. White here, for your viewing pleasure.

Table of Contents

  1. Angry Candy Don't Get Out Much
  2. Dr. Benway's Book of Medical Curiousities
  3. Binky the Bi-Polar Bear #66
  4. Binky the Bi-Polar Bear #128
  5. Timmy Smithers Saves America
  6. My Dinner With Vader
  7. Next Level


Zombina Conchita

GRAVERS™ was another feature of opi8.com, a biweekly webcomic written and illustrated (and colored!) entirely by myself. GRAVERS won a "Squiddy" award for the Best Webcomic of 2002...although I didn't actually find out about that until roughly a year after I'd stopped producing new strips. How an award completely slipped my notice, I do not know.

GRAVERS: Season One can be viewed in its entirety below...

Season One:



Hello. Welcome...to the Internet. My name is Matt and I'll be your host tonight. Prepare to make a voyage into wild, untamed lands beyond your wildest imaginings. Please sign this waiver and we'll be on our way.

*Cough*. So yeah, this section represents my most recent work in that which is my current career, Web Development. I've been hacking away at code and design for well over a decade (roughly 14 years at the time of this composition). I saw the fall of the Dotcoms back at the turn of the century and managed to survive off contracts for some years that followed, eventually coding my way back into "stability".

I've made it something of a personal hobby to turn the old paradigm regarding Old Dogs on its metaphorical head, always striving to do a tightrope dance on the veritable bleeding edge of development standards. The end result is something interesting; while i still possess ancient and arcane knowledge of Tables and Frames, i enforce a philosophy of Progressive development utilizing only the most current libraries and frameworks in my site architecture.

I am the Code-singer, the Silicone Sufi and the web is a thing i conjure with my motherfucking MIND. o.o



RIFT: Storm Legion // riftgame.com

RIFT! The semi-futuristic high fantasy triple-A MMORPG developed and published by Trion Worlds! The game is a blast. I've been playing since the days of the Design and QA shards, before it was even in Alpha. I've also worked on the riftgame family of websites in that time.

Beginning with the first incarnation of riftgame.com (which i know i have screens of somewhere) and ever onward through versions 2, 2.5 and 3.0 of this popular online destination for all things RIFT, i have been instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the vast majority of the codebase. Over time, we added the forums (more on that in another tab, above), the Community blog, and of course stormlegion.com. The latter remains a consistent favorite in my portfolio; people often remark on that particular piece. Yes yes, i know what you're thinking; get your mind out of the gutter, fanboi.

Data - riftgame: HTML4, CSS2, jQuery, XML, XSLT || stormlegion: HTML5, CSS2/3, jQuery, Wordpress

Click the tiny websites to embiggen.



Warface // warface.com

WARFACE is a massively multiplayer first-person shooter brought to you by Crytek, the same guys who created the benchmark of PC gaming graphics, Crysis. And it is free to play.

Warface is already the most popular game in Russia and various eastern bloc countries. So, we knew we'd have to kick it up a notch and deliver a site that lives up to the badassery of such a title. In my humble and totally unbiased opinion, we delivered. The whole site slides (hey, kinda like this one!) and utilizes the power of Ajax to pull in content. There's HTML5 video elements and so on. Give it a click. It's fun.

Data - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Wordpress

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Klondike Research

Klondike Research // klondikeresearch.com

Klondike Research is the premier publisher of historical nonfiction relating to Alaska, the Klondike, and that general period of Americana known as The Gold Rush. They needed a simple yet professional presence on ye olde worldwide web and that is what i've provided. It is a fully responsive, ultra-compact site that's easy to navigate and will load up like greased lighting on any device or browser.

Alaskan history may not sound like the most intriguing thing in the world to most of you. Never minding the sad fact that the general populace can't be bothered to read anymore, if you enjoy a good yarn, then you should give some of this material a look. It's filled with the stuff that myths, legends and Hollywood are made of - drama, high adventure, gunfights and, naturally, gold.

Data - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


Trion Support

Support sites // Trion / RIFT / Defiance / Warface / End of Nations

Ah yes, good ol' RightNow Technologies. Where do i begin? Where, indeed. Any developer who has ever taken on the Herculean task of bending an RNT customer template to their will can tell you - it ain't easy. In Trion's case, i was given a very specific set of requirements. We needed to present the support site in 3 languages (6 if you count the stripped-down Russian, Polish and Spanish sites) and with a unique themed template for each IP. Click the links above to see the final product in action.

Beyond creating the themed CSS for each property, I even delved so far as to create custom widgets for our support portal. The product selector is not an out-of-the-box RNT solution but rather one of my own devising. Likewise, the language selector is entirely unique. Why RNT does not provide such functionality by default is a mystery left to the sands of time.

Data - Oracle RightNow CX, Java, HTML4, CSS2

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vBulletin skinned...and eaten

vBulletin forums // RIFT / Defiance / End of Nations

They should just call me The Skinner. Not because i skin people in my off-time as a hobby. No, i refer simply to my ability to theme out pretty much any third-party application. Today's victim...i mean...Case Study: vBulletin forums!

As you will see to the left (your left, not mine) and below, I have beaten vBulletin's redonculous mess of templates and CSS files into something resembling actual form and shape, on several occasions. My first match against the vBehemoth was somewhat less than stellar but when it came to Round 2, it was a Flawless Victory. And so it was, forever after.

I suppose it's worth noting that several of the RIFT forum members actually prefer the Old School skin. So, perhaps i'm too judgmental of myself on that first take.

Data - vBulletin admin, HTML4, CSS2

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And more

Militia Bubblegum // militiabubblegum.com

Militia's online home is a nice, cozy little responsive 1140 site replete with a blog feed, plenty of sidebar advertising space, an image viewer or two for those cold rainy days, an adorable footer and room to grow. This one, and all sites featured on this page, are 100% Matt Black produced - everything from concept to asset production to complete code are done entirely by Meeeeeee.

Data - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Angelmeats // angelmeats.com

How's THIS for Meta? Am i blowing your mind right now!? You're inside the site and you're looking at the site...on the site! It's like standing in between two sets of mirrors! ZOMG, i can see foreverrrRRRR...

Data - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, CloudFront CDN



Skyrim, bitch. Skyrim.

I am a longtime fan of Bethesda Softworks' Elder Scrolls series of interactive entertainment. While there will always be a special place in my heart called Morrowind, and while Oblivion was certainly a technical leap forward, Skyrim is the game that will devour years of your life whole if you let it. The gameplay, graphics and epic storyline are both substantial and exemplary.

Elder Scrolls titles have always been something of a modder's wet dream. Bethesda never really tried to hide the guts of their games from a curious patron's view. Morrowind and Oblivion were embraced by the modding community and it was they, the modders, who managed to add enough downloadable content to those games to extend their product lifespans far further than anyone would have expected. With Skyrim, Bethesda returned that embrace and released the aptly-named Creation Kit. They also partnered with Valve to support one of the first Steam Workshops, an officially sanctioned place to share and download mods.

I had to be part of it.

And with the assistance of the Creation Kit, so i was. Under the moniker of Angelmeats, i've created several handy alterations and additions for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which are represented herein.

Spider Summon

Meet Lola!

As seen on teh internets:

Lola loves you

Summon Lola, Spider of Despair. Lola is a faithful daughter of Loloth and also a faithful companion to fight by your side. Optional versions include a rideable mount variation, a gigantic mega-Lola devourer of villages, multiple summons and a full "follower" version.

Download on the Skyrim Nexus

Ohmes-Raht Race


As seen on teh internets:

Ohmes-raht Race

The mysterious people of Elsweyr introduced to Skyrim. In the Elder Scrolls lore, there are several race of Khajiit. The Ohmes-Raht are a more "humanoid" variant of the species. They were the Khajiit race available in Daggerfall and haven't returned...until now.

The Ohmes-Raht Race mod includes support for race-specific quests, NPC dialogue, animations, and more. They have been fully integrated into the game. They also have a unique racial ability, "Ahnassi's Wisdom". The race is packaged with several variants including a "kitten" version that allows you to play as a smaller, even more cat-like character.

Download on the Skyrim Nexus

Get it from the Steam Workshop

Fin Gleam

Fin Gleam

The ancient helm of legend returns to Tamriel. Last seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, this is one particular daedric artifact that didn't make it into Skyrim. I decided to give the best helm from Oblivion back to the people.

Fin Gleam is enchanted similarly to the Oblivion version and uses custom textures to make it look as though it's been sunk in the deep for the few hundred years between that game's time period and Skyrim's. True to the original, it can be found in a relatively difficult spot to find off the coast...somewhere...

Download on the Skyrim Nexus

Get it from the Steam Workshop

Unique Everything

Unique Everything

Do digital renderings of fantasy species not terrify and/or disgust you? Hit the ogle button!

Unique Everything gives users the ability to implement a wide range of body types and textures for individual races and the genders therein. Vanilla skyrim uses the same basic meshes for everyone which leaves little in the way of variety. With this mod, the possibilities are opened up and you'll have a truly diverse populace in your game world.

With the optional companion piece, Unique Gear, you can also have armor and clothing mods that match the correct body type. The only caveat is that, in order for this to work as intended, you need to use my preconfigured StarterPack in which I've set up the body meshes for the races myself. It's pretty awesome to see the effect in-game, though. Click here for an example. Or here; those ladies are wearing the same outfit!

Download on the Skyrim Nexus